Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Storage Agent disabled with error ANR0110E due to Time Differences

A TSM storage agent can become disabled if there is greater than 60 minutes of difference in time between the TSM storage agent machine and TSM server machine. When an administrator session initiates with the storage agent, this time difference will cause the storage agent to disable itself.

When routing an administration command to the storage agent, such as QUERY SESSION or QUERY MOUNT, the ANR0110E error message is witnessed in the server activity log. After changing the time difference between the TSM storage agent and TSM server to less than 60 minutes, and then issuing ACCEPT DATE on the TSM server, the storage agent disables itself. This can be observed by issuing the QUERY STATUS command on the storage agent console and checking for the availability parameter value, which should say 'disabled.'

Since the storage agent is unsure about the time, it has disabled itself. Any subsequent storage agent requests will fail. Recycling the storage agent will cause it to become available for use again.

For the PDF version of this document, send a blank email, with subject line "Storage Agent disabled with error ANR0110E due to Time Differences", to TSM Assist

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