Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LANFree Configuration Script for Windows

This script configures a machine's paths for the LAN-Free storage agent via the command line. This script assumes that the DEFINE SERVER command has run and that the LAN-Free agent has been successfully installed and the storage agent defined on the TSM Server.

This works only on Storage Agent 6.x

"c:\program files (x86)\tivoli\tsm\storageagent" - is the installed location of the LAN-Free storage agent.

tsm_admin - is the TSM administrator account
tsm_password - is the TSM administrator password
tsm_server_name - specifies the name of the TSM Server as listed in the output from the q stat TSM command
tsm_server_ip - specifies the IP address of the TSM Server
storage_agent_name - is the name of the LAN-Free storage agent
TSM StorageAgent1 - is the name of the service managing LAN-Free

From the Windows command line, run the following:

pushd "c:\program files (x86)\tivoli\tsm\storageagent"

tsmdlst /xinquiry /genpathfile /processall

tsmdlst /genmacropathsync /execmacropathsync /addpaths /id=tsm_admin /pass=tsm_password /tcps=tsm_server_ip /server=tsm_server_name /stagent=storage_agent_name

sc failure "TSM StorageAgent1" reset= 60 actions= restart/60000/restart/60000/restart/60000

sc config "TSM StorageAgent1" start= auto

net stop "TSM StorageAgent1"

net start "TSM StorageAgent1"

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