Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ANR2400E During del volhist, when volume is of type REMOTE

ANR2400E is reported when running del volhist for volume of type=remote. This volume has already been defined in a storage pool or has been used previously to store export, database dump, or database backup information; or this volume may be owned by a library client or another TSM server.

TSM is not able to delete these volumes using the del volhist command. The volumes will never return to scratch.

This can be fixed by issuing the following command:

del volh tod=today type=remote volume=<VOLUME_NAME> force=y

This should only be used if a REMOTE volume no longer has valid data on it. Once executed, any server could use the volume to overwrite any existing data. Use caution whenever you delete any volume history entry.

For the PDF version of this document, send a blank email, with subject line "ANR2400E During del volhist, when volume is of type REMOTE", to TSM Assist

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