Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Display a list of Started Services from the Command Line (Windows)

To list running services, use the command:

sc query  

To create a list of all services, use:

sc query type= service state= all > allserviceslist.txt
[ take note of the space between  type= and service, and state= and all ]

To create a list of active drivers, use:

sc query type= driver
[ take note of the space between type= and driver ]

For a list of everything, use:

sc query state= all > services-all.txt
[ take note of the space between  state= and all ]

Windows provides the NET utility to interact with the services panel from the command line. From the command prompt, you can use this utility to start, stop, pause and continue services.

To display a list of services that are running on your computer, run:

net start

First of all, gain access to the Command Prompt. Click on Start, on the Search Bar type Command Prompt and hit Enter. You should now be able to see the famous black window.

Execute this command:

wmic process get description,executablepath

To create a textfile (.txt) execute this code:

wmic /output:d:\process.txt process get description,executablepath

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