Friday, May 15, 2009

Extracting a list of failed files from the Activity Log

Enable the processing of all events to the TSM server activity log.

en ev actlog all node=*

Start logging events to the all receivers - and this includes the TSM server activity log.

beg ev all

Adjust the length of time that the activity log retains messages to avoid insufficient or outdated data. Here we set the activity log retention set to 180 days for management by date.

s actl 180 m=d

To display all client originating failure messages, run:

select nodename, date(date_time) as DATE, time(date_time) as TIME, msgno, message from actlog where originator='CLIENT' and severity='E' order by 1,2

As of TSM Server 3.7, the DateFormat option in the Server Options file has been deprecated. The date format is now governed by the Locale in which the TSM server is running.

Note that TSM keeps only one version of an event record in the database. If a client schedule is changed, all previous event records for that schedule are removed from the database.

For the PDF version of this document, send a blank email, with subject line "Extracting a list of failed files from the Activity Log", to TSM Assist

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