Monday, April 20, 2009

Recovery Log Pinning

It is possible that the recovery log appears to be out of space when in fact it is being pinned by an operation or combination of operations on the server. A pinned recovery log is where space in the recovery log cannot be reclaimed and used by current transactions because an existing transaction is processing too slowly or is hung.

To determine if the recovery log is pinned, issue SHOW LOGPINNED repeatedly over many minutes. If this reports the same client session or server processes as pinning the recovery log, it may be necessary to take action to cancel or terminate that operation in order to keep the recovery log from running out of space.

To cancel or terminate a session or process that is pinning the recovery log, issue SHOW LOGPINNED CANCEL. Server version and above as well as and above have additional support for the recovery log to automatically recognize that the recovery log is running out of space and where possible to detect and resolve a pinned recovery log using the SHOW LOGPINNED processing.

For the PDF version of this document, send a blank email, with subject line "Recovery Log Pinning", to TSM Assist

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