Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exporting WinSCP Configurations and Saved Sessions

This article describes how to transfer WinSCP configuration stored in Windows registry (default for installed WinSCP).

If you were using an INI file, just transfer it into the new installation.

WinSCP can store its configuration both to Windows registry and INI file. When installed, the configuration is by default stored into the registry.

Portable versions use by default an INI file. The configuration can be changed from registry to INI which can then be used for export from a prior installation and import into a new installation.


Check the ADVANCED OPTIONS box and click on the PREFERENCES button.

The following Window will open; click on the EXPORT button:

Save the session information to an INI file:

Transfer this file to the WinSCP installation directory (usually c:\program files\winscp) on the new installation.

On startup, WinSCP will look for an INI file is located in the directory from which WinSCP was started. If it does not find one, it looks for presence of its key in registry. If it does not find that either, it creates an INI file in the default location.

After copying the INI file you can change the configuration storage to make WinSCP import the settings from an INI file to the registry.

WinSCP should then use the ini file and display all stored sessions properly in its interface.

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  1. Thanks, works well.
    Only issue is on a server there are few terminal server licenses, each use have their own sessions stored.

    IF I use my .ini file in the winscp folder then the sessions that others have would be overwritten with mine.

    is this something that can be solved in a differnet fasion?

    Regards, Jay

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